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Last week I started an experiment working completely on Shazram.

The results are in and it was awesome. I’m currently on track to release at least a page a week, and potentially upgrade to twice a week. This is basically because I don’t have to stress over the fact that I ‘need’ to get THOM comics out.

Coming up with jokes everyday is difficult. So for now I’m extending the experiment and continuing working on Shazram continuously.

With social media and sources like twitter and tumblr staying updated to comics is easier. So if I ever do get a brilliant idea for the other comics, I will make and post them.




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This week I’m going to run an experiment which will put all other comics on hold. For a full week I’m going to work on Shazram every day. My goal is to see how much I can produce in one week of dedicated work on the comic. For this I need some focus so that I can work on it every day. This does not mean the end of the other comics, but I really want to see what I can do with a week of dedicated time.

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labratMaking t-shirts is fun and easy to do. It’s also in the realm of making them affordable. But I sort of need a certainty to make them. If at least 10 people comment on this page saying they will buy this shirt, which will cost 22 euro (or ~30 USD) and include free worldwide shipping. Also by commenting here you give me the opportunity to let you know the shirt is available. Emails won’t be publicly visible and emails listed here will only be used to let you know about this shirt.

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Making some updates to the way all the websites are displayed. Initially every website showed the latest blog post. This was on one hand fine, and on the other rather impractical. I want to make the blog more about topics. But with all the comics I also need to make news announcements. As such I’ve changed the posts being shown at the bottom. These are now general news announcements from the central Cult of Bob Website.

The blog will get its own link with widgets showing the latest topics I’ve shown there. The blog will also, hopefully, feature more random doodles and art projects.