Shazram started life as a character in The House Of Madness. A whimsical comic that updated fairly regularly. At the end of the first stage Shazram and the house were blown up. Currently the house is back in action with a ‘new’ house and some other interesting characters.

But Shazram’s adventures weren’t over. The explosion was of a strange and magical origin so now Shazram is back in action in his very own longform comic.

The pages are half pages that will eventually be collected in a bande desinee style comic book, or European style comicbook. It’s best to start at the very beginning.

With this comic I strive for quality pages over publishing quantity. The updating days are Tuesday and Friday, however if I feel a page needs more work it will be pushed back. Currently I’m not in a position where I can work on this comic fulltime and I refuse to compromise on the quality.